Van de Graaff generator possible parts

Going to work out in more detail later:

  • 3"-3.5" inner diameter PVC pipe probably around 1.5'
  • mixing bowls, bigger the better
  • aluminium tape
  • 4x end caps that fit small pvc piping
  • 2x shafts to put pvc pipe rollers on (or similar)
  • paint mixing bucket
  • superglue
  • gloves
  • something to attach pvc column to paint mixing bucket (if anything needs to go into the column, it has to be non-conductive)
  • electric motor at least 3000rpm which could drive the belt
  • power supply for motor (probably a stack of batteries)
  • neoprene belt, 2" wide, probably around 36" long
  • combs
  • 2x 1/2" pvc pipe