Code Hero funded!

I've been pitching Code Hero to people around me since I ran across it on Kickstarter, but I hadn't been very confident that it would get funded.

They did it! They posted about half an hour ago when they broke $116k (with the original goal as $100k), and they're at about $119.5k now. If they reach $200k, they'll add multiplayer.

I really think they deserve getting enough funding to do Code Hero well, it's a great idea. Even if it doesn't go very far, it helps push the idea of games teaching coding. Backers get access to a private beta among other rewards, so even if they don't get to $200k you get some kickback for helping fund them. Their kickstarter ends in 37 hours (so a little after Friday 12:01am EST), so if you're thinking about funding them now's the time!