Cool Kickstarter projects

Here's a couple kickstarter projects I ran across yesterday, both are worth checking out. Code Hero could use a lot more help, they haven't been getting much funding and look like they deserve it.

Code Hero is a game designed to teach people how to make program. They describe it as a cross between Portal and Minecraft, and the videos I've seen of it look interesting. Basically, you write javascript and "shoot" it. It executes when it hits something. Kickstarter

Double Fine Adventure is a classic point and click adventure game by Double Fine Productions. They're a really cool studio that has made other great games, such as Psychonauts, which, if you've never played, you should get it and try it out right now. It's a lot of fun.

Double Fine Adventure got completely funded in a little over eight hours and is almost at 400% funding now. It doesn't need funding anywhere near as much as Code Hero does, but I figured I'd mention it anyway since it looks like it'll be a lot of fun. As well as making the game without a producer (they decided to try Kickstarter funding instead, and it looks like it's working well), they're also making a documentary of the creation of the game and taking fan input from people who helped fund them.