Van de Graaff generator parts overview


Circular base to bolt the support column to and a very smooth hemispherical aluminium shroud with a hole in the top for the support column. The shroud should have a small spot on the bottom edge cut out for any wires to leave.

Support column

A single Acrylic tube, large enough for the belt


Two hemispherical aluminium shrouds connected together, with a hole in the bottom for the support column

Inside the base there will be a motor of at least 3000RPM, a plastic roller and a comb to catch electrons off of the belt. The comb should be 1/32 inch away from the surface of the belt. The pulley, motor mounting and comb should all be grounded.

The support column only has the belt in it, held taut from rollers below & above the support column.

The head will have a metal roller at the top of the pulley, not connected to the metal sphere. The sphere will have a comb going from the inside to 1/32 inch of the belt.