Switching blogs

Among other reasons (mainly procrastination), I've been avoiding posting because I've wanted to switch my blog over to running on my webserver. I finally built up enough interest in starting a build log for another project (a huge fish tank that suddenly became a challenge instead of a tedious bunch of gluing and waterjetting) and decided it was time to switch my blog over. I've imported my old posts and comments, although comments don't seem to be attached to the posts yet. All my posts currently say they are posted by anonymous, that's another thing I'll be working on.

I'm going to start learning how drupal works better and possibly finding some useful modules. There's a few things I want to add, the least of which is a simple way for people to follow this blog.

I'd prefer to use Google Plus as a backend somehow for it's circles system. I'd love to be able to easily select between groups of people to send posts to, especially if it was linked to the work I already put into G+ to sort everyone. I'm thinking about poking the G+ API (I believe there are some unofficial ones, I don't know of any official ones) to use drupal as a way to display posts written on G+ with the same view permissions as would be on G+.

Anyway, my blog's url is now http://alex.willisson.org/blog/ Please change your links accordingly. Shoot me an email at atw@mit.edu if you have any suggestions/feedback/complaints. You can try leaving comments here, I haven't really tested anything yet so I don't know what'll happen.

I'm copying this post to my blogspot blog so people I don't catch will be forwarded along to my new blog.

I have an rss feed set up now, unfortunately right now the only link is a tiny annoying button at the bottom of the page. To compensate, here it is: http://alex.willisson.org/blog/rss.xml