Pseuoscope, part 2


I've gone through the original cad and put in the details, as is this should work as soon as I order all the parts. I'm still not sure about mirrors, I'm going to try adhesive-backed mirrored acrylic but I'm not sure. Especially because the pseudoscope I've studied some uses front surface mirrors for the mirrors near eyes. I'm also worried about laser cutting mirrored acrylic, hopefully I can just flip it over and cut it. I'm looking into it before trying it out.

I think the first one will cost around $55 + shipping and tax, but some of the costs are for nuts and bolts (where I only use a fraction of them). I could also make it much cheaper by being more intelligent with the design and using less expensive suppliers than McMaster. Also, there's a lot of wasted material because the parts aren't designed well to fit in less of a cutting area.