Sad scooter

While I was riding back from MITERs earlier tonight I noticed something strange was happening with my scooter's steering...


Didn't there used to be a nut there?

I have no idea when it happened (I didn't hear it), but the nut I had on the front wheel unscrewed itself and the screw had slide out so far the spacer on the inside of the fork (adjacent to the wheel itself) also fell out. My wheel looked like it was a few seconds from falling off when I noticed it. The fork ripped the hub up a little but it's nothing too bad, it's just superficial damage. I carefully rode it back to EC sans-nut since I was too lazy to walk it back. It should be a really simple fix. I just need to machine a new spacer, find a new nut and get some locktight or something similar to stop this from happening again. I guess I'll be walking to MITERs tomorrow.