Emacs with Google Go

With this set up, hitting H-m (hyper-m) in emacs it compiles the current buffer and runs it if compiling succeeds.

; current-buffer-name.go
; make current-buffer-name && ./current-buffer-name

(defun compile-run ()
(setq name (first (split-string (buffer-name (current-buffer)) "[.]")))
(compile (format "make %s && ./%s" name name)))

; assigns hyper-m (I have the Windows key set as hyper) to running compile-run
(global-set-key (kbd "H-m") 'compile-run)

And the piece of my Makefile that handles this:

%: %.go
6g $^
6l -o $@ $@.6

You'll have to tweak the Makefile stuff if you want to compile for anything other than amd64.

The compile-run function should actually work for any language, as long as you get the Makefile set up correctly.

Edit: Here's a version that just compiles and doesn't run the current buffer (you'll still need the same Makefile entry above)

(defun compile-buffer ()
(setq name (first (split-string (buffer-name (current-buffer)) "[.]")))
(compile (format "make %s" name)))

; Sets meta-m (AKA alt-m or escape-m, or command-m on Macs)
(global-set-key (kbd "M-m") 'compile-buffer)